Latest Projects


This personal project is shaping up to be a full-length novel. The idea was conceived as a classic, atmospheric sci-fi thriller (“classic” in the sense that the story is given to characters and themes rather than the intricacies of future tech) with some philosophical and existential elements. Set in a future where mankind has begun colonizing a new planet, it follows three principal characters: a gifted young man who’s lost his way, a young woman who leaves her family in search of a miracle cure, and a security official trying to keep the peace. Primary style inspirations are Ray Bradbury, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and the Coen Brothers. I’m using this project to explore themes of relationship and self-sacrifice. This is not a love story.


This personal project is a series of digital images juxtaposing an ordinary person with an unsettling idea in the form of a speech bubble. The images are meant to be lighthearted satire of certain segments of pop culture, but they also illustrate some very common, real-life anxieties through fanciful or absurd references. Created using Adobe Flash and Photoshop.